Low moods are debilitating. They usually carry feelings of deep sadness that a person can’t shake. It’s common to have to marshal a great deal of effort to get even simple things done. Sometimes people can’t sleep; others have a hard time waking up. Some can’t eat, others have an excessive appetite. For nearly all there is little joy in any activities.

Depression is caused by many different things. Each client is absolutely unique. Together we need to locate the source of your depression and find the therapeutic means to lift it.

Some depression is grief that is held and not moving forward to acceptance and peace; often it is guilt over things done or not done, or it is intense and unremitting self-criticism. Sometimes it is seasonal, a biological response to reduced sunshine.

My goal is to help each client find release from depression’s grip, gaining hope, confidence and personal power. When the depression is severe, medications prescribed by your doctor or psychiatrist may be necessary for a period of time. Others with moderate depression are able to improve steadily without it.

Moods are typically located in those parts of the brain that don’t use a spoken language. To reach them we will need to use the language of visualization, seeing both the despairing mood and the healing states in mental pictures. While this may seem strange to read about, nearly everyone finds it easy and natural once we begin.