Therapeutic Methods


Effective therapy is always respectful, compassionate and involves deep listening. My work is client-centered which means I will work with you to help you reach your goals for counseling. It is also integrative, combining mind, heart, body and spirit to produce lasting change.

The process of counseling can be challenging. It often requires us to face difficult memories of past events so that we can untangle them. Usually these memories are distressing because they hold faulty conclusions about ourselves, such as “I’m not good enough” or “I’m in danger” or “I’m powerless.” Sadly these beliefs often shape and limit our lives and relationships for years to come even when we are not fully conscious of them.

There are many ways of highlighting the specific events and letting go of the distress while gaining the wisdom and compassion that hard times offer us. But however we go about that it is necessary that we feel safe, understood and respected. It is my deepest desire to always provide that secure foundation.

Power Therapies

People often fear that therapy means “years on the couch,” an endless rehashing of early life events. In recent years methods have been carefully developed that are much faster and more effective than what we may have imagined from movies or TV. Some writers call these “power therapies” because of their ability to help people achieve their goals more quickly.